About Us

Zambawango opened in Sandy Springs / Atlanta in 2018.   Everything is prepared fresh daily by our Executive Pastry Chef, Kathleen McDaniel, and her talented team.  Our creations seamlessly embrace the healthy, all natural alternatives to grain flours and refined sugar and have zero to minimal glycemic impact.  They taste and look the same (or better!) as traditionally prepared desserts without the negative effects.

Our recipes use the highest quality all natural ingredients, including almond and coconut flours, Swerve (a non-GMO, all natural plant based sweetener),  Allulose -- also an all natural sweetener found in minute quantities in raisins and figs and classified as a zero glycemic impact "rare sugar"--, 99% chocolate, butter, eggs, cream, unsweetened coconut and almond milks.

In February 2020 we started shipping nationwide some of our popular cakes, cookies, bagels and much more!

Go ahead ... indulge with Zero guilt!

If you are in the Atlanta area we would love to serve you at our Bakery and Coffee Shop located at 901 Abernathy Road NE in Sandy Springs!