The Low Carb / Keto diet and Cholesterol! Good news!

Many of us have lost a significant amount of weight on the Low Carb / Keto lifestyle while enjoying great food including Zambawango desserts & bagels!  Annual checkups have also shown a dramatic improvement in HDL (good) cholesterol vs. LDL cholesterol.  This short video explains how and why that happens!  Stay keto and enjoy!


  • Evelyn Ragland Zink

    I wolfed down the Key Lime Cheesecake and love the Jalapeno Bagels! Just ordered the Lemon Blueberry Cake and dinner rolls but how can I purchase that chocolate cake? How do you work such magic! Thanks from Phoenix MD! xoxo

  • Sylvia White

    Where do you bake you items. In the United States. I’ve been stung so many times on FB buying items that were made in CHINA😡.

  • Gust

    I saw a video by KetoConnect where they showed a couple of your cakes and iv’e been Keto for more that 2 years. I’m definitely interested in your products but so many items are sold out I think ill come back and try again later. Thanks for Keto options.


  • Anne Buhler

    What are the ingredients for the strawberry cheese cake

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