Coffee talk - Two Interesting Facts

Hi everyone,

I had a super informative coffee tasting yesterday with Kristina Madh, founder and owner of Cloudland Coffee, a local specialty grade coffee roaster.  We plan to introduce her coffee at our Sandy Springs, GA bakery and coffee shop and if all goes as planned also on our online store.  I have tried several of her single origin varietals and have been impressed, very impressed with the smoothness, taste and flavor of the coffee!  

Two quick bits of information that Kristina shared with me and I found fascinating: 1) Caffeine in the coffee berries is a natural bug repellent, so low lying regions that grow coffee have more caffeine than mountainous regions, as they are more hospitable to little critters!

2) Dark roasts have more of their caffeine extracted during the roasting process so it is commonly assumed that dark roast brewed coffee has less caffeine. Not true, as with the greater roast period, the beans also lose more weight, and as the proper portion is weighed, more beans are used.... therefore actually increasing the amount of caffeine in each cup.

We look forward to start brewing Kristina's coffee and continuing to provide you with an elevated (no pun intended) coffee experience. Here is more info from her website:



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